Translator and Interpreter into Anglo-Saxon Languages

Legal Expert appointed by the Court of Appeals in Nîmes


  52, rue Gasparin - 84100 Orange



Françoise Aubéry : English Interpreter in Orange

Apply for the services of an expert in written and oral translation in the Vaucluse

I am able to reply to any request as a translater / interpreter in all over France.

I can be your translater in Orange.


Always available and receptive to your needs, I am able to propose various translation services.

I have been at the service individuals and professionals for more than 30 years.

I am able to provide accurate and trustworthy translations in accordance with  the specificities of the  English language and culture..

Who am I ?

Françoise Aubéry : I am your English translater and interpreter. I am also a legal expert (sworn translator) duly appointed by the Court of Appels in Nîmes and a

Professional Jury certified by the DIRECCTE (French Labour Authorities).




As a self-employed translator / interpreter, I am exempted from registration in  the Companies and Trades Registries. 

I am able to provide you with certified translations recognized

by the competent authorities.


Whatever your needs or business activity, I can provide you with quality services.


As a legal translater appointed by the French courts, I will do my utmost to meet your expectations and provide you with various services such as :

  • English to French translations
  • Certified translations
  • Interpreting
  • Training in English language
  • Technical and legal translations
  • Rereading

Françoise Aubéry : expertise that speaks for itself

I am a specialist in English language and can meet any translation requirements throughout France.

I am able to guarantee the consistency of terms and vocabulary currently used. I can also review your translated documents.

Discover my expertise in translating !

More about my services !

I shall take care of your documents translation with deep technical expertise, namely: 

  • Incorporation certificate
  • Visas
  • Articles of Association, By-laws
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Catalogues, Leaflets
  • Meeting reports, Minutes
  • Academic transcripts
  • Annual accounts
  • Driving license
  • Technical specifications
  • Communication reports
  • Vital records certificates, powers of attorney, certificates

Business area

I propose my services as a sworn translater and interpreter to individuals and professionals.

I can propose quick and tailored services all over France.

  • Certified translations, interpreting, reviewing, training, legal  translation… I will take care of everything !